Driving Lessons London – What the examiner is looking for on your test

During the course of a driving test, the examiner will be making sure that you fulfil the below criteria. In order to pass your driving test, you will have to drive to what is referred to as level 5 standard (you must be able to perform all required actions without any prompting and consistently).

During your driving lessons, ask your instructor to show you exactly what the examiner is looking for in each of these areas. Then practice near your local test centre.

Controls – Driving

All controls such as steering, gear stick and foot pedals should be handled in a smooth manner. The examiner should at no point have to prompt or assist you in the operation of the main controls (brakes, steering, gears) or auxiliary controls. You’ll need to be able to operate the gears and pedals without looking at them.

Controls – Buttons etc

An understanding of the function of all switches and controls, especially those that relate to road safety must be shown. You should have the capability of accessing all controls without having to look at them. Indicators for example. Andy1st driving instructors offers excellent info on this.

Preparation and starting the engine

Stay calm and take a few deep breaths before you begin. First, do your checks such as mirrors, head rest, steering wheel, and gear set to neutral, etc? You must be able to start the engine in a safe manner and without any help. If there is a steering column lock engaged, you need to know how it is disengaged.

Moving away

You must be able to move away under control, safely, from behind a parked car, on the level, and on a hill (where applicable), with the right observations and without inconveniencing or endangering other road users.

Emergency stop

Progressive and even breaking should be demonstrated. Locking of wheels should be avoided. (In wet weather, you should note that the stopping distance is doubled!). You may or may not be asked to do this, but practice it on your driving lesson anyway. Tip: Once done, put the gear into neutral, start the engine, and then move away in first gear.

Turn in the road (3 point turn)

This has to be executed under full control. Responding correctly to other roads users as well as good all round observation is essential. If you spot any moving vehicles or pedestrians you must stop the car and wait for them to pass. You may be asked to do this.

Reverse parking

You need to be able to park accurately – either parallel parking or bay parking. The instructor will likely ask you to do just one of these. You may be asked to do this.

Use of Mirrors

Besides using mirrors regularly, the you must be aware of others and be aware of your blindspot. To show the instructor, make it obvious when you are looking in each of the mirrors. For example when turning right, check the rear view mirror, and the right wing mirror, and only then turn.


You should give signals according to the Highway Code in good time and clearly to warn other roads users of their intentions. This includes changing lanes, and before turning.

Reacting to markings and road signs

You must see all road markings and react to them accordingly. Failing to comply with any traffic signs may cause you to fail.

Setting your speed

Reasonable and safe progress should be made with regard to the road, speed limits in place, road signs, traffic conditions and weather. Look out for special speed zones such as near schools. You might want to ask your instructor to take you for a few practice routes near your test centre so that you can familiarise yourself with the area on your driving lesson. Mock exams are a good idea too.

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More about driving lessons London

Have you been just happy along with your driver coaching to pass a driving check? Or do you want to learn defensive driving procedures in planning for a existence time of driving scenarios as well? Ecofriendly safer driving school assists you create safer driving routines around the road. Our program is intended by specialized people to promote safe, sound and assured drivers. Our recognized driving instructors provide individually modified driving lessons to meet your driving goals. They take care whilst educating about minimal driving danger to ensure that what you master with us might be for daily life rather than only for passing the test.

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Don’t take the stress for deciding the right driving instructor and certainly it won’t require checking your bank balance. Always use totally certified instructors working at a reputable school and normally check out the (DSA) instructors’ badge which would be green in color. Ecofriendly driving schools arrange (DSA) accepted 100% totally qualified ADI driving instructors for you. So, you don’t have to compromise for any second best school, instructor or lessons? You would like our regular discounted package as shown below for your ease. You can also discuss more to schedule the package as per your requirement. Our cheap driving school of UK would be affiliated with these packages.I strongly suggest you to visit Andy1st driving instructors to learn more about this.

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When other driving school may perhaps consider duplicating the Ecofriendly driving school, our verified background to the ideal instruction tends to make us the sole selection for driving lessons and understanding to drive. Ecofriendly driving instructors incorporates a friendly crew of professional driving instructors who will manual you to a successful drive check consequence. Our younger and dynamic male and female driving instructors are patient. They normally develops a particular connection with each student they will take on board, and this endures precise by, until our student passes their test after learning from this manual and automatic driving school. We will get you from the very beginning to your test day and support you along the way with all facts of finding out to drive, including the concept check. We also facilitate the college students or underneath age pupil that has the interest in driving. Even though they wish, we accept them to sit within the motor vehicle whilst their parents learning the motoring.

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Driving lessons London – Info

The success of my clients is of the upmost importance and I take every opportunity to improve my own skills so I can provide the best customer experience and satisfaction.

Whatever your needs I am here to help!!

Lessons tailored to fit your needs!

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There are lots of different ways we can help you and I am dedicated to making sure that you are totally satisfied with the service we provide. I will not make an empty promise that is guaranteed. How many lessons will you need? I cannot tell you that yet because I have not met you. Until I see you behind the wheel and find out what your needs are it is impossible to give you any figures. The average quoted by the Driving Standards Agency for 17 to 21 year olds is approximately 40-45 hours of tuition with a qualified instructor. But we are all individuals and learn in different ways. At Chris Deane’s driving school I know it is me that needs to adapt my methods to suit you! not you that has to adapt to me! You will be the most important person in my car and to ensure you are happy with the vehicle and me I offer an initial 2 hour lesson for just £22.00 so that you can make sure you are making the best choice. No strings attached just give me a call or send me an email and why not see if the car and I are right for you. Hope to see you soon!!If you’re looking for more tips, Andy1st driving instructors has it for you.

I am pleased to announce that I am now qualified to teach the new BTEC in Driving Science. This is an intermediate vocational training qualification (equivalent to a GCSE) and is the world’s first novice driver education programme. It is a highly structured learning programme and works in conjunction with normal driving lessons.

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Available to all pupils booking 20 hours or more (paid in advance). As soon as you have passed your theory, together we will decide a suitable date and get your test booked. This will give you a clear goal to aim for and together we will give you the best chance of PASSING FIRST TIME.

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